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Creating an Inviting Office Space | Office Space in Hull

13th September 2023
The setting of your office space can play a huge role in making the best impression possible for your business to clients, customers and even your employees!

A guide to creating an inviting office space | Serviced Offices Hull

According to a survey carried out by What Workers Want, 25% of respondents would be willing to commute an extra 30 minutes to their perfect office and many studies have shown that our surroundings can impact our behaviour and efficiency.

Investing in a productive office space environment can improve the general morale and atmosphere your team creates. In this guide, we will be giving you a run down on how to create the ultimate office space.

Tidy Space Tidy Mind

Having a clean and tidy environment can improve focus and overall mental well-being which is why it's important to clear any clutter! It is common for companies to look at digitally storing documents as this can clear any paperwork and reduce the use of filing cabinets.

Adopting a minimalist desk tour approach can help you maintain focus by keeping only the essential items nearby. Therefore, consider removing any items that are hindering your productivity and organise the most important ones in a cabinet or a designated corner of your desk.

As well as this, look into creating an organised cable network to avoid computer or technology areas looking cluttered.

Personalised artwork 

When it comes to inviting clients or customers into your office, you want your space to strongly reflect your brand and personality. Custom artwork can be a great option for this and is a brilliant way to spruce up blank walls.

Visuals that strongly reflect your company values can also motivate your team and pose a reminder of why they do what they do. Artwork with striking colours and fun text can make your overall office space bright and fun.

First Impressions Count

What your clients see first can give them an instant impression of who you are and what your brand represents. Make an inviting reception space that strongly reflects your company's values and overall ethos. Look into comfortable seating, a reception desk, a coffee station and any other elements that make your client feel welcomed.

Open Spaces and Privacy

Dedicated areas of your office for open spaces can push team collaboration and communication, however, you also want areas that can facilitate those looking for a place to focus. Meeting rooms, pods and soundproof partitions can all help towards this.

Incorporating nature into your space

Office plants can emphasise an overall calming and well-being aspect to your office which, in turn, can reduce stress and improve productivity from your team. As well as this, office plants have been seen to help reduce sickness and improve overall air quality.

Finding a Modern Office Space in Hull & Beverley

Our team of experts can help you find a brand-new office that will energise and inspire you and your team. Let us take the hassle out of the search so you can focus on growing your business. Get in touch with us today, and let's find the perfect office space in Hull for you!

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