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Tradepark Ltd looks to bring space forward and enhance the potential many developers overlook.

Tradepark Ltd specialises in all stages and levels of business site development.

Our team has extensive experience in all property sectors and development stages, providing a reliable and trustworthy approach to delivering projects from start to finish. At Tradepark Ltd, we boast a strong network of industry contacts, demonstrating our ability to make things happen with the necessary resources
Acquisition, cash injections
At Tradepark Ltd, we have substantial cash reserves that enable us to acquire sites quickly and efficiently. Our financial stability instils confidence in our partners and clients, assuring them of our ability to make sound development decisions and fulfil our commitments. With a well-planned expansion strategy, we are actively seeking new properties to add to our portfolio. Our upfront payment option, subject to planning, ensures smooth and seamless transactions. If you have any site details, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at 01482 390450 or send an email to

We understand that property developments can be expensive, but we have the expertise and resources to successfully assemble sites. Our reliable and confidential service guarantees your peace of mind. To discuss your cash injection requirements, please call us at 01482 390450.
We have the ability to oversee the brokerage process for all parties involved in property developments, making it easier to bring these projects to fruition. With multiple stakeholders involved, having a single entity to manage negotiations can be more efficient.

Our experienced and approachable team can handle these complex relationships, resulting in more successful deals. With 25 years of experience in the property sector, we possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and connections to ensure high-value developments are completed.
Site finding
Our team of experts has over 200 years of combined experience in site-finding. We understand what business operators are looking for and have the local knowledge needed to locate valuable sites and broker mutually beneficial deals. Our in-house surveyors offer a specialist service, thanks to our in-depth understanding of local demographics and general business awareness.

Our track record of finding viable sites for business operators is evident in our previous developments and tenants. If you're interested in the Humber and Yorkshire region, please don't hesitate to contact us at 01482 390450 to discuss your needs.
Site assembly
For over 25 years, Tradepark Ltd has been mediating negotiations between landholding parties. We take pride in effectively managing and brokering complex deals by fostering strong relationships between all parties involved. With our in-house surveyor, quantity surveyor, and legal consultant, site assembly is made seamless. Our goal is to connect all parties and maintain momentum throughout the negotiation process.

We prioritize the needs of every party and strive to find innovative solutions that add value. To see examples of our successful projects, please review our portfolio. If you are a landowner or business operator with a potential project to discuss, please contact us at 01482 390450 or email
Joint ventures
We have the expertise to handle all the necessary relationships required to convert a development with multiple joint ventures. Our clients choose us for our experience, credibility, dependability, adaptability, openness, and enthusiasm for our work.

We welcome any new opportunities and encourage you to contact us for further discussion by phone at 01482 390450 or email at
We specialize in delivering redevelopments for brown sites and new builds with a proven track record of on-target delivery. With our vast resources and established contacts, we have the required knowledge and experience from previous redevelopments to deliver quality services.

We excel in seeing the potential in sites that often get overlooked by other developers. If you have a site in mind, please do not hesitate to contact us at 01482 390450.
We take great pride in our award-winning restoration projects, which showcase our passion for producing outstanding developments. Our team of specialist contractors possesses the necessary skills to work on even the most challenging Grade I or Grade II listed buildings.

At Tradepark, we pay close attention to detail and care for every restoration site we work on, including non-standard ones. You can check out our award-winning projects by visiting our portfolio page. If you need expert restoration services for your site, feel free to contact us at
At Tradepark Ltd, we specialize in converting existing structures into commercially successful developments. We find these projects to be exciting as they require great vision, and we enjoy witnessing the transformation of underutilized sites.

Our team includes architects, contractors, and interior designers who can implement all the necessary services to convert sites. If you have any conversion projects in mind, please feel free to contact us at 01482 390450.
Our team handles both letting and marketing in-house to ensure the property is rented to its highest potential. We recognise that finding the right tenant is just as important as the property itself, so we invest significant effort in keeping our database up-to-date and understanding the market.

We offer flexible terms and have a team of professional and approachable staff.

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