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The amazing CGX comes to K2!

17th December 2018
Your lunch break just got a whole lot better!! City Group X are joining K2! Rachael is so excited to be joining the K2...

Your lunch break just got a whole lot better!! City Group X are joining K2!

Rachael is so excited to be joining the K2 family in January with her new company City Group X, and we can’t wait to have this brilliant new boutique studio on level 4.

City Group X (CGX) is a group fitness boutique studio concept, CGX will have 2 studios!! One dedicated cycle studio with a full range of live and virtual cycle classes running throughout the day from 7am through to 8pm which is perfect if you have a busy schedule and need to burn off those extra Xmas pounds! Classes will include the WORLD FAMOUS Les Mills programmes RPM, Sprint (HIIT), virtual RPM and the exciting roller coaster cycle experience “virtual The Trip”.

In Studio 1’ The main stage’ CGX will be delivering the Les Mills Body Pump and Body Combat as well as freestyle classes - from the spring a whole new range of boutique studio boot camps will be introduced.

This is not a day to day gym concept, it’s all about the group studio experience, getting together and having fun whilst you’re burning of those unwanted calories, however, out of studio live times the facility will be accessible if you want to lift some weights or jump on a bike!

CGX will be offering bespoke corporate and group session packages where you can take a delivered team class, take advantage of their onsite shower facilities & freshen up, enjoy light refreshments and accompany it with your own relaxed team meeting in our chilled-out studio space.

For K2 clients, CGX will be offering a selection of classes towards the end of January at HALF PRICE this will be before they go live and open their doors to the general public. Details of how to book classes, sessions and monthly membership subscriptions will be available in early January 2019 – be sure to keep your eyes peeled over the upcoming weeks for more info on this!

Until then, CGX would like to invite everyone to join in on this exciting new fitness studio and are thrilled to be joining us here at K2!

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