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The benefits of working in an office | Tradepark

27th July 2023
Taking your business away from home can be possible with an office and allows you to have that work-life balance!

The pandemic in 2020 led to the majority of us spending our 9 to 5s working from the kitchen counter. Since then, many employers have been introducing a hybrid working scheme into their business or finding ways to draw their employees back to the office.

From this, workplaces have taken a different approach so that an office is not just a place people go to work but a place where you can connect and collaborate with your colleagues. 

Although remote working stood the test of time in lockdown, working in the office is the more traditional option and does have many benefits.

Getting stuck in with the company culture

Many companies inhabit a strategy where their employees feel a sense of purpose and connection within the workplace. An office serves as a central location for this, allowing for in-person collaboration and social connections among team members. As well as this, office space is a great place to host team-building activities which heightens company culture and strengthens teamwork. 

Elevating the work-life balance

Stepping away from the computer when working from home may be a quicker commute, however, an office can certainly separate your place of work from your home. As well as this, being able to go home from a physical office can be a perfect catalyst to mentally switch off from work at the end of the day.

Encompassing your brand into a physical space

Not only does having a physical space to go to benefit your employees, but it can also help customers and clients. By positioning your brand in a physical location, people can physically experience your company by having insight into how the organisation operates and how the business represents its brand as a whole. 

A thriving hub for connections

An office can facilitate natural connections and interactions you wouldn’t get working from home. Having a conversation over a coffee or while working through our tasks for the day can improve the overall atmosphere and productivity. 

Collaboration and communication 

Although communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom are perfect tools for virtual meetings and messaging, nothing beats a face-to-face conversation! Sometimes it can be difficult to communicate effectively or bounce ideas off of a coworker through online channels. Working in the office can make these conversations more engaging with many workspaces having breakout rooms for distraction-free talks and meetings. 

Fantastic networking opportunities

You may find that some serviced offices are based within a building amongst other businesses and may offer hot desking spaces which can be a fantastic opportunity to network. This is definitely beneficial if you are self-employed or work alone as you can work amongst like-minded people and help boost productivity.

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