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What are the types of work environments?

28th March 2024
In recent years, many people have chosen to change up their working environment, exploring options including serviced offices in Hull or working remotely.

Many of us have different preferences when it comes to work environments. Some love a traditional office space for an open collaboration, while some like remote work settings due to the work-life balance it offers.

The popularity of these two led us to believe that there are no other types of work environments out there. But looking closely, there are other opportunities for individuals who don't want to spend their 9 to 5 grind at home or at an office.

With that said, let's take a look at the types of work environments so you can find the best one that suits you!

Types of work environments

1. Traditional office space

This is the most common work environment of all. Most companies in the UK have traditional office space in Hull because they like the structure, routine, and ample opportunities for collaboration it has. It's also a classic 9 to 5 grind for coworkers who want to brainstorm ideas or catch up with colleagues.

In fact, if you want to thrive on teamwork and camaraderie, a traditional office space for a working environment is your best bet.

2. Remote Work Settings

40% of companies today are using only half of their office spaces due to hybrid working environments. Remote work settings became popular in the middle of the pandemic, where a lot of people value their health more than anything else.

Remote work setting is an homage to welcome digital age – where your office is everywhere as long as you can plug in your laptop. Plus, this type of work environment enables you to avoid long commutes.

3. Co-working spaces

If you're not yet ready for a serviced office in Hull, a lot of co-working spaces are available in the city. These dynamic environments offer the best of both worlds: the structure of a traditional office and the flexibility of remote work.

This type of working environment is an open-concept space where you can meet a lot of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other remote workers from all walks of life!

Here at Tradepark, we have plenty of opportunities for co-working with spaces available for this in our K3 Business Park and K2 Tower.

4. Industrial workspaces

There are a handful of industrial units since a lot of companies of manufacturing, construction, and production lie in the city. Industrial workspaces are rugged, hands-on environments where sweat meets steel and grit

meets grease. We have a range of industrial units in Hull that provide space for efficient operations to take place, which you can find through our property search tool.

Office Space in Hull & Units to Rent

Be it a bustling office in Hull, the peace of remote work, or the creative opportunity of co-working spaces, each of these working environments offers unique prospects for your job – you just have to find you.

If you're exploring the option of an office space in Hull, a co-working space or an industrial unit in Hull, we have a variety of spaces available in Hull and surrounding areas. Get in touch with our friendly team today or take a look at the spaces we have available through our property search tool.

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