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What is the recommended amount of office space per person?

25th August 2023
If you’re currently on the hunt for an office space, you will need to consider the amount of room you will need for your team.

Keeping in line with the Health and Safety regulations on legal office space, an open office should allow one hundred square feet per person to avoid a cramped working environment for your employees. Now you know the rules behind the amount of space you need per person, it’s time for you to think about what you will need in your office and how you want to optimise your space for the best productivity.

Factors to consider when choosing the right office space

The style of workspace you are looking for: Every business has a different work setting whether that be a highly collaborative one or a more independent environment. If your business involves lots of teamwork and regular communication between one another, create an open space where this can be achieved.

Whereas, a business who have multiple departments and needs some divide between the teams would need to look into an office space with multiple rooms. Not only do you need space for your employees to work, but you also need to think about the equipment you need space for such as printers, filing cabinets etc. In the current era of digital where a lot of data is stored on computers, you may not need to accommodate too much space for general office equipment.

Does your team work hybrid?

With 41% of employers adopting hybrid working, it is common to look for an office space that has set-ups ready for hot desking and areas that make it easier for a team to work both remotely and in the office.

Our Serviced Offices in Hull - How we can help?

At Tradepark, we have built a brilliant reputation in helping business owners find an office space that elevates their company. When it comes to finding the right amount of space for your team, it can become a bit of a minefield!

The good news is that we have over 25 years of experience and knowledge so we can find you an office in Hull that is the right size for your current or growing team. Get in touch with our friendly team or book a tour to look at our stunning serviced offices.

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