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Top 3 Reasons Your Office Space in Hull Could Impact Employee Wellbeing

2nd May 2024
An office space with employee wellbeing in mind can boost productivity and create a positive work environment.

How Does Your Office Space Impact Employee Wellbeing?

In this article, we'll explore the different factors that can have an impact on the atmosphere of your commercial space in Hull, and how you can create a positive and inspiring workspace for your team.

1. Mood certainly matters

If the workplace offers natural light, large windows, and perhaps some greenery, it's an instant mood lifter for your people. According to a study, natural lights allow us to get more done and make us happier. Consider positioning your teams' workspaces near or towards a window to enhance this. Our K2 building is a great example of this with large windows providing a 360 view of the city of Hull and a rooftop terrace that is an ideal place to take a break. In addition, consider incorporating natural elements, such as plants, that can further build a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

2. Give employees a space to breathe

Limited space can lead to feelings of claustrophobia and hinder creativity. That's why open floor plans and flexible workspaces have become increasingly popular. So if you are looking for a serviced office in Hull, make sure to consider the size of your team and your future growth plans to create a comfortable and spacious setting. Still unsure about the ideal office space per person? We've got you covered. Check out our article on the recommended amount office space per person.

3. Creates a sense of community

Everyone wants a good colleague - one that you can bounce ideas with, brainstorm, and have lunch together. To create a sense of community, your office space should be fresh and encourage mingling! After all, happy spaces create happy faces, right?

Find your ideal commercial space in Hull

Having a comfortable and well-designed office space can do wonders for your employees' morale and, ultimately, your company's success.

Investing in a comfortable and inviting office in Hull can be a game-changer, and can even turn the most unproductive workday into a productive one. Don't hesitate to prioritize your team's wellbeing by providing them with an office space they'll love! Explore the latest commercial spaces in Hull available via our property search tool or by contacting our friendly team.

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